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A New View of the Pool!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

An old deteriorating deck is replaced with a new sturdy and stylized deck.

An old deck, past it's prime. The owners of this home really enjoy their backyard gardens and pool area. You could tell they put a lot of effort and care into maintaining this beautiful space. Their access from the main floor of the house to the backyard required crossing over the deck and descending the stairway to the pool level. Their existing deck was an original composite style deck board that had faded and begun to flake and peel. The support structure also was beginning to deteriorate. It was time for an upgrade.

We set to work. We completely removed the old deck. The railings and gazebo frame were dismantled and the overgrown foliage was cut down. The rest of the decking and support structure was cut into manageable size pieces and loaded onto a trailer and hauled off-site. We then broke up and removed quite a bit of the cracked and damaged concrete from underneath the deck.

The idea of the new deck. The design of the new deck incorporated a couple of landings into the stairway to help break up the descent and give additional areas to stop and admire the view.

To ensure the deck was sturdy enough to accommodate the possibility of large gatherings, we beefed up the support structure with oversized beams and joists. We also included additional posts and beams along the house.

The finished product. The homeowners opted to go with traditional treated wood decking boards preferring the look and feel of the 'real wood'. The white composite railing gives a clean finish and really sets off the design.

These homeowners were excited to use their new space and we were proud to build it for them. Overall, another successful project.

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